Disinfection at its best without harmful chemicals

Go "GREEN" With Huwa-San

Safe and biodegradable yet kills bacteria and viruses in seconds

Huwa-San TR-3 All Surfaces TR-5 Healthcare TR-20 Concentrate TR-50 Professional

Huwa-San TR-3

Food safe, non-corrosive-non-stain, biodegradable disinfectant

All Purpose Surface Disinfectant

Time to take pride that you are protecting your customers and your staff from Covid-19 with a rinse-free, non-staining high performance disinfectant that is chlorine free.

Huwa-San TR-5

High performance clinical grade safe biodegradable disinfectant

Healthcare Applications

From general surface disinfecting to high-end infection control in high-risk areas, Hygieia-San is effective on all pathogens and works in seconds to greater than 99.9999% efficacy .


Huwa-San TR-20 & TR-50

Professional highly dilutable concentred disiifectants

Concentrate Applications

A concentrated version of our hydrogen peroxide and silver which is suitable for all types of water treatments from drinking water to horticulture and livestock applications

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