Food Safe and Tastless
Non Rinse & Non Staining

Go "GREEN" With Huwa-San


Destroys bacteria and viruses in seconds

Fast Acting Biodegradable Disinfectant

Huwa-san TR-3 is safe to use on all food areas on fruit and vegetables and does not require rinsing

Available in

500ml Trigger Sprays

1 Litre Refills | 5 Litres | 10 Litres | 25 Litres

Huwa-San TR-3

Huwa-San TR-3

Huwa-San TR-3 is a 3% strength hydrogen peroxide and silver. It is 100% food safe, kind to skin, has no smell or taste, and is not corrosive.

Huwa-San TR-3 can be used on any surface and does not require rinsing and can be left to dry. There is no residual left behind its biodegradable action of killing bacteria and viruses.

Huwa-San TR-3

Effective Against:

Alternative Product Options

TR-5 Healthcare

TR-5 Fogging

TR-20 & 50 Concentrate

Huwa-San TR-3 Applications

Food & Catering

Close-up of a chef using a knife to chop vegetables.

Hotels & Restaurants


Public Transport


Spas & Gymnasiums


Public Areas




Huwa-San For Rapid Disinfection

Huwa-San Disinfectants are a nano silver hydrogen peroxide based oxidising disinfectant specifically formulated to be used as for various applications for air and surface disinfection by surface wiping, spraying. Can be used in Fogging or Misting equipment 

The primary compositions Hydrogen Peroxide, stabilized with anti-microbial Silver Nitrate. Hydrogen Peroxide is a rapid disinfectant destroying pathogens and prevents further replication with the residual antimicrobial effect of silver.

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Spray or Wipe onto any surface, leave for 2 minutes or leave to dry.

Huwa-San does not need rinsing, will not stain and is not corrosive

  • A versatile all-surface  disinfectant 
  • Any food surface
  • Drinks machines
  • Coffee Machines
  • Bar Taps
  • Dairies
  • Food production and packaging
  • Meat processing industry
  • Fish farms
  • Filling machines
  • CIP systems

Huwa-San Tr-3 is food safe and could be used for oral gum disease. But as always with chemicals, be careful not to get into eyes as it can cause stinging.

Wash from eyes with water and seek professional help if symptoms continue.