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Huwa-San In India

Licensed Manufacturing in Hyderabad India


Australia and New Zealand

Australia & New Zealand Hygieia-San AUS Pty is our exclusive distributor for Huwa-San in the region. They will be targeting many market sectors; Breweries and

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Product Brochure

Our latest brochure on the
Huwa-San product range
and applications

Huwa-San TR-05

Specifically formulated for use in fogging and spraying machines

Huwa-San TR-3

Fast acting high performance
surface disinfectant

Huwa-San TR-5

Healthcare grade surface disinfectant.
Suitable for whole room decontamination fogging

Huwa-San TR-11

A concentrated version that can be diluted to make TR-3 or TR-5

Huwa-San TR-20

Professional 20% concentrate
disinfectant for use in livestock, horticulture and equine sectors

Huwa-San TR-50

Professional 50% strength concentrated
disinfectant for use in
water treatments and livestock


Huwa-San Fogger

An automatic whole room fogger
for up to 300 cu mtrs. Treats every surface in a room in minutes

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Huwa-San 3D Fogger

Clinical grade whole room automatic decontamination fogger. Inbuilt air scrubber for fast room entry times