The Future of Disinfection

Huwa-San Biodegradable Disinfectants

Improving Biosecurity For Clients & Staff

Hotels, Restaurants, Kitchens

Use on Food Surfaces
No Need To Rinse

Leading the way in over 70 countries


Kinder to our environment
without compromising performance

Stadium Disinfecting

Preventing Covid and other germs using innovative systems


World Leading Biodegradable Disinfectants

Over 30,000 accreditations and case studies in 70+ countries

Huwa-San 3D Whole Room Fogger
Medical Grade Surface Disinfectant
Huwa-San Fogger
Medical Grade Surface Disinfectant
Huwa-San 12.5 MD
Medical Grade Surface Disinfectant
Huwa-San 7.9 MD
Medical Grade Surface Disinfectant
Huwa-San 3 MD
Medical Grade Surface Disinfectant
Huwa-San TR-3
All Purpose Surface Disinfectant
Huwa-San TR-5
Healthcare Grade Surface Disinfectant
Huwa-San 5 MD
Medical Grade Surface Disinfectant
Huwa-San TR-3 500ml
Trigger Spray Surface Disinfectant


Powerful and Eco-Friendly

Fast acting 99.999% performance against all germs


Effective against gram positive
and gram negative bacteria


Effective against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses


A powerful sporicide effective against clostridium difficile

Fungi & Yeasts

Proven to be highly effective against deadly Candida auris

More About Huwa-San

World Leading Disinfectant

Huwa-San is a high-performance disinfectant that gives greater than 99.999% efficacy against all pathogen groups


Disinfectants For All Applications

Versatile and User Friendly


Use on any surface to keep free of bacteria and viruses.


Ideal to keep staff and patients free of bacteria and viruses in healthcare.


Can be used on food surfaces without the need to rinse.


Protect dentist and doctor surgeries form spread of infections.


Prevent the spread of germs and keep staff at work.


Public transport is a major problem for the spread of diseases.

Sports & Gyms

Sports equipment harbours bacteria and viruses.

Hot Tubs Spas

Replace chlorine with more effective, biodegradable products.

Why Huwa-San

Advanced Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide giving >99.999% Efficacy

Huwa-San uses a biodegradable ionic silver, unlike other products which use a metallic silver. This has two functions.
1.  Is the unique stability it provides for longer action
2. It is not a metallic silver and is therefore non-corrosive

Huwa-San Benefits

  • It is non-corrosive
  • It totally destroys all pathogens with ease
  • It seeks out the pathogen's defence mechanism
  • It penetrates the pathogen and the H2O2 is released
  • This destroys the bacteria, virus, spore or fungi
  • Bacteria Viruses Spores Yeasts Fungi
  • It attacks the DNA and cell walls preventing growth
  • The remaining product, moves onto the next pathogen


How We Work?

We do not sell directly to clients and appoint key distributors


We do not sell direct, but appoint key distributors who have market sector & country experience

Expert Training

We provide professional training on all market sectors to suit our distributor's business


We have extensive supporting material and videos which will be made available to you

Ongoing Support

We will work with you and your clients to help build your business and development of clients

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