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Why Did We Choose Hygieia-San For OurCompany Name?

Why the name Hygieia-San Hygieia (or Hygeia) was the ancient Greek goddess of health and cleanliness. She gave her name to the philosophy of hygiene.

The cult of Hygeia started in Athens in the 600s BCE, in connection with the cult of Athene, goddess of wisdom and purity. Statues of Athene and Hygeia stood at the entrance to the Acropolis temple in Athens.

Hygeia was a young goddess, daughter and chief attendant to Asklepios, the god of medicine. She was in charge of cleanliness and how to live a long life. San of course means to free surfaces from dirt, bacteria and viruses,by cleaning or sterilising. Hence out brand name “HYGIEIA-SAN”

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Frequently Asked


Yes, but it is important to use the correct product for the specific application. TR-3 is suitable for any application with no need to rinse.

TR-3 is safe for all applications including food surfaces<br>

TR-5 is for dirtier condition such as hospitals, but safe to use around patients<br>

TR-11 and TR-20 can be diluted to make refills for TR-5 and TR-3<br>

TR-20 is dilutable for water treatment such as hot tubs, small pools, animal water troughs. 4ml per 100 litres is safe to drink.<br>

TR-50 is a commercial product that has to be handles carefully and diluted as per instructions. Safe to use in ppm (parts per million) in drinking water, horticulture, animal sectors and in fisheries


No, only TR-20 and TR-50 have to be handled carefully and are dilutes for use to ppm levels.

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