Why the name Hygieia-San

Hygieia (or Hygeia) was the ancient Greek goddess of health and cleanliness. She gave her name to the philosophy of hygiene.

The cult of Hygeia started in Athens in the 600s BCE, in connection with the cult of Athene, goddess of wisdom and purity. Statues of Athene and Hygeia stood at the entrance to the Acropolis temple in Athens.

Hygeia was a young goddess, daughter and chief attendant to Asklepios, the god of medicine. She was in charge of cleanliness and how to live a long life.

San of course means to free surfaces from dirt, bacteria and viruses,by cleaning or sterilising.

Hence out brand name “HYGIEIA-SAN”

Hygiene-San is the trading name we use for our Huwa-San brand and product range.

Hygiene-San is a trading arm owned by Horizon Ventures Ltd here in the UK.

We sell Huwa-San globally from the UK/EU and manufacture in India for the Asian, African, Middle East and Oceana countries

Formed in 2004 Horizon Ventures Ltd has been developing and selling advanced disinfectants for many years and have sold products across all continents.

Our ethos entails that any chemical we sell should be as safe as possible for humans, animals and importantly the environment. Although being safe, they also have the efficacy to kill pathogens, quickly and effectively.

Over the years we have distributed a variety of products from concentrated disinfectants which are ready to use for specific applications to concentrates that can be diluted by the distributor or end-user food-safe and 100% biodegradable products.

The disinfectants are applicable for any market sector to treat surfaces, air and water.

We manufacture some products in the UK and in India, and recently we have partnered with some innovative companies, who offer advanced products and technologies in infection control.

We have leading world-leading devices that can disinfect a whole room in minutes, alleviating pathogens on all surfaces in the room. We also have now introduced to our portfolio and a range of affordable foggers from extendable hose versions to handheld, battery driven versions for smaller areas.

We have resellers and distributors representing us in India, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, UAE, Oman and Qatar, South Africa, Thailand and Singapore. We are always keen to discuss opportunities with any potential clients for reseller or distribution operations.

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